Mount Maunganui- There’s No Place Like Home

sheep-161630__480   I have always believed that New Zealand is PARADISE.  Waking up in a picture-perfect view and living with the warmest and kindest people is absolutely amazing!

Bay of Plenty is the region closest to my heart because it has become home for the past 5 years.  Particularly, the breath taking beauty of Mount Maunganui.  To my facebook friends, I know I haven’t done much justice showing how gorgeous this place is -my photography skills are not strengths.  🙂

BUT! Lo and behold, thanks to one great young man,  Mark Sandoval, I can proudly show you how special Mount Maunganui is. It is truly a place where home has become paradise and paradise is home.

Please like and share and I hope I’ll meet some of you  -here.   sheep-161630__480


More About Mark Sandoval:

A self taught dancer, travel blogger, and a film maker from New Zealand.  Originally from Manila, Philippines.  Connect with Mark and see more of his work! images




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