5 ‘Must Know’ About IRD Number

  • IRD number  is a must if you are going to work in New Zealand (as in temporary work visa, working holiday visa).
  • It is an eight or nine digit number unique to you!
  • All your tax and personal details are linked to it.
  • Steps in applying for an IRD Number include completing the right IRD Number Application Form, obtaining a NZ Bank account/have customer due diligence and collect supplemental documents (original and legible copies:  passport information page, proof of current or last address, work visa or job offer).  Finally submit your IRD Number Application to an authorized Inland Revenue Agent.
  • It is recommended that you start working your way with the application process as  early as possible to make sure your IRD Number is ready in time for your first day at work 🙂


For those applying for an IRD Number who are New Zealand Citizen, permanent migrant or visa holder (resident/student)- you may need to use a different application form and supply other supporting documents.  To find out which best suit your situation, always check the IRD website:


or alternatively, click  here  to be redirected.

IRD- Inland Revenue Department



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